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Dixell XR20CH -3N0C0

Model XR20CH, format 32 x 74 mm, is a digital thermostat with off cycle defrost designed for refrigeration applications at normal temperature. It provides a relay output to drive the compressor. It is also provided with 2 NTC or PTC probe inputs, the first one for temperature control, the second one, optional, to connect to the HOT KEY terminals to signal the condenser temperature alarm or to display a temperature. The digital input can operate as third temperature probe.
The HOT KEY output allows to connect the unit, by means of the external module XJ485-CX, to a network line ModBUS-RTU compatible such as the dIXEL monitoring units of X-WEB family. It allows to program the controller by means the HOT KEY programming keyboard.
The instrument is fully configurable through special parameters that can be easily programmed through the keyboard.